House Staging


imageIt takes just 15 seconds for someone to decide whether to buy your home.  First Impressions are vital to inject the message into the mind of your viewer that this is the house that he or she wants.  With masses of experience of buying, selling and re-locating, I can help you to stage your home so that you maximise its potential in order for it to appeal to the widest possible audience of prospective buyers.

I can create an itemised room-by-room proposal of what I recommend would enhance your home and let you carry out the changes yourself.  Alternatively, if you would like me to complete the enhancements for you, including the hire of accessories and/or furniture, that can be arranged.

Sometimes a house needs to be de-personalised and have appropriate accessories added to  make it appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers.  I can help you with that.

One house I staged had been sticking on the market for well over a year.  Just after I staged it, two offers were received – one of which was for the asking price.  Result!

From this ...

From this …

To this ...

To this …

Your property might be full of your possessions and need to be adjusted in an objective way in order for buyers to see its full potential.  I can help you.

Or you might be selling an empty house and need the loan of appropriate items to enhance the property so that it feels loved and is seen at its absolute best.

So, if you are looking for advice on how to maximise the potential of your home, contact  now on 01786 824004.  Working hours are flexible, so I can help you any time including during the evenings or at weekends, depending on what’s best for you.

Calm and inviting

Calm and inviting


Sometimes all it takes is having help to move furniture, pictures and possessions around to improve the flow and increase the feel good factor of a room.

If you would like affordable help or advice so that you can freshen up a room in your home, give me a call and I can pop round to discuss possibilities which will enhance the first impressions for you.

Having a guest to stay but you’ve run out of time to make their room seem just right?  I really enjoy doing that!  I can even provide a flower arrangement, tailor made to tie in with the colours of the room.   If time’s running short, that’s not a problem either.

I am happy to source items for you or use your belongings to create a relaxing environment.

I have masses of experience creating instant atmosphere and am more than happy to help you make the most of where you live to create the best First Impression!



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